School Uniforms Are Not A Good Idea Essay

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school uniforms are not a good idea because they can increase bullies, they are financial burdens that give nothing in return, and they are bad for student’s morale. Some school uniform policies can increase bullying or violence at schools. According to Marian Wilde on of the thing that people who oppose uniforms say is that they increase the number of incidents of bullying done by students from other schools. This makes sense because if they don’t have uniforms than they may put themselves above us. According to in there is no evidence in bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to school uniforms. and this makes sense because why would someone who is hurting you stop because you are wearing the same clothes.…show more content…
According to Susan Nkingyangi “Many children have only one uniform, and that may be all the clothes they have. By the end of a year, the uniform is often "pretty shabby" and the child often subject to bullying.” This excerpt shows that only the ideal for of uniforms will prevent bullying, but if one person has a much fatter body than the other less fat people will make fun of her (Silverman). Uniforms can decrease morale in turn decreasing the work ethic in school, like in the last paragraph when people were being bullied about how they look in their uniform, it could also lead to insecurities about how you look, distracting you from learning (Silverman). Also, according to Laura Smith-Stark “A recent legal case took the issue of school uniform into different territory, with student Shabina Begum fighting a school in Luton for the right to wear a jilbab, a traditional Muslim gown.” Not being allowed to follow your beliefs can harm
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