School Uniforms : Educating Students Dress Safely Essay

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School Uniforms: Educating students dress safely In today’s era society is forgetting the importance of dressing with ethics when it comes to education. Back in the days it was imperative to wear properly clothing to go to school, the elderly just to say that it was a representation of oneself and it showed how important the studies were for the individual. Therefore, school uniforms, must increase academics, improve behavior, safety and prevent thefts. To begin with, a diminutive history about this important topic. Uniforms have been around for many years, according to, the original documented practice of school uniforms was in England in the year 1222. Students were mandatory to dress a robe-like suit called a 'cappa clausa. ' Nevertheless, it wasn 't up until the 16th era that contemporary school uniforms made a presence in verified ancient times. "Uniforms give schools a sense of uniqueness and cohesion," said author and historian Alexander Davidson. This tradition of wearing uniform back in the old days has giving the world a better place to live, since those amazing students were focus on their academics rather that clothing as a result, the world is enjoying all the benefit of it, for instance, we have known or read about great leaders, inventors, doctors, nurses, teachers. All because they were focused in making this world a better place to lived. Moreover, the implementation of uniforms in the schools system is imperative for academic achievements.

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