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High schools that require students to wear school uniforms can be found around the world and have even been proven to function better than some schools that don’t require their students to wear uniforms. If Smackover High School required their student body to wear uniforms, it would come with quite a few benefits for the students, teachers, and parents. My view is that SHS should issue school uniforms.
One perk to uniforms is that the cost of school uniforms would be less than if parents had to buy their children clothes that are school appropriate and, the clothes their children want to wear outside of school. This could certainly benefit most parents, especially those with multiple kids in school because they could buy them their
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School uniforms can help keep students focused more on their education and less on what they're wearing. If everyone is dressed the same then no one has to worry about whether or not the outfit they're wearing will fit in or look acceptable. It has been shown that once schools enforced uniforms there was less drama and distraction in class and test score began to go up.
Another advantage of school uniforms is that students are viewed differently by teachers and fellow students. Teachers view students as more academically proficient in uniforms than in regular clothes because, they won't be distracted by their choice of clothing they will also appear more professional and better behaved. Students will view their peers differently for the same reasons teachers will.
A major perk to school uniforms is that if there was to be an intruder in the school disguised as a student you could pick them out since they won’t be in the school issued uniform. This would be especially easy if the uniforms had the school name on it. Obviously, school uniforms have many advantages for students and staff, however it does have a few downfalls.
One downfall to school uniforms is that it can lessen a student's comfort level while at school. Such as, if the girls were required to wear skirts, and a girl didn’t feel comfortable wearing a skirt to school. Another way it could cause someone to be uncomfortable at school is that uniforms

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