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Most teenagers think that wearing uniforms is a waste of time and that it shouldn't be mandatory. There are many positive and negative effects but I believe that school uniforms should be mandatory. There are many advantages such as peer equivalency, self esteem, easier for parents, and also stress reducing. There are also some questionable disadvantages such as lack of self expression, demeaning morale, and lack of diversity.
Teenagers of this day and age belong in the age group where peer pressure exists and students are more conscious of how they look, from the hair to their shoes. Although this is a normal thing, not all students belong in high-earning income families and can afford to buy expensive clothes and shoes. A uniform policy
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Also wearing school uniforms is stress reducing for students. One of the challenges most people go through on a daily basis is deciding on what to wear. Students also face this dilemma of choosing their clothes going to school. Some struggle to look different each day while others worry on being bullied or judged on what kind of clothes they have. With a uniform policy in place a kid that often gets bullied can wake up knowing that he and the most popular kid in school is wearing the same thing. Without a uniform policy kids worry about being bullied all the time. A uniform policy eliminates this concern.
Some students argue that they are not giving an opportunity to freely express themselves with regular clothes. There are people who have fashion statements and this does not exempt students. By dictating on them when it comes to the clothes they wear, they can be resentful about it. With that being said students can express themselves in other ways such the way they walk, the way they talk, and in many other ways. Also some students do not want to wear school uniforms because they feel as if it would hinder their performance in the classroom. They feel as if they are obligated to wear uniforms, their performance, behavior, and attendance will be affected in a negative way. With that being said students say those things for personal reasons. The clothes students wear does not have a real effect on performance inside the classroom.

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