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Schools should have uniforms for students so they can be distinguished between grade levels and to have all students dress the same way and offer some protection. Students might be against it because they want to wear regular clothes to impress other students. School uniform should be allowed in private as well in public schools because it will help faculty distinguish students, people and prevent inappropriate dressing. “Having a uniform helps students and parents resist peer pressure. In schools with no uniform, children may feel the need to dress in certain ways in order to fit in. This can often mean buying a lot of expensive and fashionable clothes that families cannot really afford. It can also mean girls being pressured into…show more content…
Another good thing that will help them is if they go on field trips, teachers will not have trouble recognizing their students because they know how they are dress and what color of school uniform they supposed to have on. It will also benefit faculty because they will be able to distinguish grade levels as well as students, in case of a fight or an intruder getting inside the school. It will also help if a student will decide to get out of campus, and decides to take a skip day this will help the faculty, and security officers distinguish or identify the kid and which grade level they belong to. They will also notice if some students are wearing gang colors or trying to form a gang in school. Even if they try to bully on someone just by the kind of shirt or pants they are wearing to school. “Only a few inner-city schools have had problems with children wearing “gang colors”. Many of these have got rid of the problem not by introducing uniform, but by simply having a dress code which bans such gang clothes and symbols”(Debate, 2011). Another reason uniform will help is by not dressing inappropriate because students now days express themselves by the way they dress this is why uniform is a must in all schools. First of all the uniform must be applied to the girls because girls now days dress very inappropriate they use transparent

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