School Uniforms : Girls Speak Out Against Dress Codes

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Girls not being able to wear their style of clothes. Being framed such as wearing their own personality in clothing. These are just some of the things happening in schools around the world. Students are getting in trouble and punished for violating school dress codes by wearing outfits that are deemed ‘showing too much skin’. Protests against dress codes get to the very heart of what it means to be an adolescent girl. Dress codes are too strict at school; they shouldn’t be as harsh, this issue about dress codes needs to be stopped. (Girls Speak Out Against Dress Codes) According to educators and some parents, the outfits young women wear is too distracting for men to be able to view women with dignity and respect. Teachers think male students are overly sexualize a normal body part to the point where they apparently can’t function in daily life. Young ladies are not in charge of concealing their bodies for different understudies. Children don't get the opportunity to express their style because boys can get too ‘distracted’. The best way to ensure a policy is applied fairly is diversity and bias prevention training for teachers and administrators. A positive goal is to create a system where teachers can’t dress code students for offenses which aren’t in the school code of conduct. Many anti-dress codes point out that it sends a message to the male student body that they are not solely responsible for their actions. These rules are focused on considerably more at young
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