School Uniforms, Good Or Bad? Essay

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I assume that my readers will be students and parents who don’t agree with school uniforms. They will immediately reject them because to them these uniforms restrict the student 's’ freedom of expression. After picking this topic. I wanted to take the negative of it because I want to freely choose the clothes that I want to wear. I didn’t want someone to choose the clothes that I’m going to wear. After, a while of researching this topic, I decided to take the positive side of school uniforms. In fact, these uniforms will help students become more focus in their school work instead of what they 're wearing, because they don’t have to worry to fit in with the cool crowd or have to worry if their clothes match. I will try to convince these students and parents that school uniforms have a positive impact. I will give bits of information about the history of school uniforms, and give them some results that will shock them about the impact of school uniforms.
School Uniforms, good or bad? What do you think of when seeing a bunch of kids in school uniforms? My first thought is looking at a team. The United States weren’t the first people to develop school uniforms. The first record of school uniforms were in England in 1222. Students at a school were required to wear a uniform called a ‘cappa clausa’, which is a long cloak, opened in the front and tighten with a band. Later on, school uniforms were becoming, “associated with the upper class as private and preparatory
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