School Uniforms Help Improve The Learning Environment

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Do you know someone who wear a school uniform? Did you wear a uniform when you were in school? Have you felt uncomfortable because of wearing a uniform? There are many problems that are affecting Duplin County schools, such as bullying. It is an issue that can be prevented if many parents support the idea that school uniforms help to improve the learning environment. Using a school uniform may help students to understand that everyone is equal, and no one is better or less if they wear or not brand clothes. Duplin County Schools should have mandatory students’ uniforms, to prevent bullying, and help to keep up a safety and organize learning environment.
Bullying is an issue that hurt many students. It causes harmful effects, for both the victim and the bully. It also occurs more often at schools than in other places. Each year there are many students who suffer from bullying, because the way they dress. It is a problem that affects the school environment, and violate the right of the students to study in an environment without fear. There are statistics which demonstrated that many students are not assisting to school, because they are scared of the attack and intimidation by other classmates. For example, “The steady growth of school uniforms or formal dress code policies in public schools may be due, in part, to students who struggle with wanting to wear the latest clothing looks in order to fit in at school. Unfortunately, many do not have the means to do so and may fall
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