School Uniforms Improve Children's Safety Essay

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Since school uniforms have become more and more common in the United States, there has been one issue that many, of the parents and students are worried about. Many believe the children will not have the ability to express themselves freely. The First Amendment guarantees our right to free expression. This means that students do not leave their First Amendment rights outside the schoolhouse door, but their opinions can be limited to prevent major disruptions to classes and outside activities. To make this statement more clear, in 2003, a high school senior was suspended from school for wearing a tee-shirt of President George W. Bush with the statement “International Terrorist.” (ACLU , 1997-2009) The student’s suspension was later…show more content…
that were required to wear a uniform and by the 1996-1997 school year, the number had increased to three percent. Sales were valued at $900 million in 1999 and rose 22% to $1.1. (Education Bug, 2010) However, many Principals at some schools do not agree with the idea of a uniform policy. In 2000, 755 Principals were phone surveyed by the National Association of Elementary School Principals’ and 21% of the public schools surveyed, had a uniform policy, 23% of all the public, private, and sectarian schools either had a uniform policy, were in the process of creating one. Of the 755 schools represented, 71% did not require uniforms and were not considering a uniform policy. (Education Bug, 2010) In conclusion, you can see, the school uniform debate has come a long way. School uniforms might not be the answer for every school, but is definitely a start for improving our children’s safety and behavior. If students and parents take the time to understand exactly how the policy works and the benefits of it, then more and more will come to believe that in today’s society; school uniforms are the right choice. In the end, students are more conscientious and better behaved when they are dressed neatly and modestly. Works Cited ACLU . (1997-2009). Retrieved July 10, 2010, from Freedom of Expression:

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