School Uniforms Make a Better Learning Environment Essay

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School Uniforms Make a Better Learning Environment In recent years the face of public schools has changed drastically. Our schools were always intended to be a place where the students could go and learn in a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately for us, the times have changed; discipline, safety and security in our public schools have all fallen by the wayside. Today, our children are faced with the growing threat of violence and crime in their classrooms. In aspirations of bringing back the essential requirements for education in the classroom numerous parents, teachers, and school officials have come to conclusion that requiring school uniforms is a clear-cut step in reversing the downward trend of our schools. The…show more content…
The increase in school security could be seen instantaneously since the school administration and teachers would be able to identify, by sight, who is and who is not supposed to be permitted on campus. Subsequently by implementing the mandatory wearing of school uniforms, the chances of having intruders wander into school would be significantly diminished. We also have to look at the possible ways school uniforms could improve the student's learning environment and also allow students to concentrate on their need for academic success while in school. The requirement of school uniforms contribute to eliminating the apparent student fashion barriers that are present when some students can't meet the expense of "keeping up with the Joneses." This could come about because uniforms contribute in eliminating the socioeconomic line found throughout the student population. By doing so, the students would be more fairly judged by their peers and teachers alike on their scholastic abilities and personalities instead of by the designer clothes they wear. They can also help bring an end to the conflict between parent and child as to what is appropriate to wear to school. The opponents of school uniforms will state that school uniforms will restrict an individual's choice of self-expression. They will furthermore imply that school uniforms don't take into
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