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School Uniforms Help Students Make the Grade On February 24 of 1996 when President Bill Clinton made a speech at the Jackie Robinson Academy in Long Beach California he stated “This remarkable progress that you have shown in your school as a result of your school uniform policy, making it safe, more disciplined and orderly, creates teachers who focus on teaching and students who focus on their job of learning” (Bily, 2014 p.5). The school dress code debate is not new and the belief that it makes schools safer and improves learning and test scores has been in the forefront as one of the many ways to improve and promote education in our country. The school classrooms in this country are nothing like they were in the past.…show more content…
Reports from The Journal of Educational Research reflect the belief that school uniforms have no direct effect on substance use, behavioral problems or attendance issues after analyzing data from the National Educational Longitudinal study of 1988. (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 2001, p 92) The authors of the article go on to make a bold claim that contrary to current discourse there may be a negative effect of school uniforms on student academic achievement. This research revelation was considered breaking news in its day of discovery. It was not until two years later in 2003 that the very same scholarly journal, The Journal of Educational Research, posted an article by Ann Bodine from the University of Texas, San Antonio. This article titled “School Uniforms, Academic Achievement and Uses of Research” takes a closer look at the data from the article from two years prior. I quote her findings “In a re-examination of the author 's data, I find no evidence to support their claim, whereas in my examination of the structure of argument, I discovered that the claim resulted from misleading use of sector analysis.” (Bodine, 2003 p. 67) This latest information disputes the results of the previous article in the very same journal. Oftentime research and data can be confusing and disputed. When looking at the issue of school uniforms in this country we must understand it is somewhat controversial and multifaceted. In addition to analyzing the research

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