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The debate over mandatory school uniforms is a raging topic in our country. Proponents of school uniforms conclude that there are many potential benefits to mandatory school uniforms, while opponents heartily challenge their claims. Potential benefits include: socioeconomic equalization, reduction in student violence and theft, restriction of gang activity, and improved focus in classrooms. Although these benefits would vastly improve our public education system, there is no clear evidence that school uniforms improve any of the problem areas above. Mandatory uniforms would actually potentially cause problems, such as a violation of freedom of expression, and not allowing our youth to become independent and self-confident. In 1996…show more content…
To distinguish if any major changes had occurred in students behaviors the researchers performed a regression analysis, meaning, that if there was a strong tie in the data between any two variables if would show a high correlation coefficient. A coefficient near 0 indicates no relationship, a coefficient of 1 or more shows a considerable change. The study confirmed no high coefficients. So after many years of analysis NELS researchers proved that school uniforms have no significant impact on improving behavioral issues. Mandatory school uniforms are not the answer. Uniform policies are “nothing more than a Band-Aid that fails to address the real causes of youth violence.” (Svensen) Mandatory policies such as uniforms also send the message that conformity is important, not creativity, and that authorities can abuse power while hindering our constitutional rights to free speech and expression. Children need to learn to be individuals. As kids grow older and become adults it should be in their power how they want to physically express themselves in everyday life. Self expression is crucial to a childs sense of independence and self-confidence. Today’s youth needs to have that “healthy transition” (Kendrick) from adolescence to adulthood. How else will they become the well adjusted adults we all hope they will be? It is clear that this is a sensitive topic for many people, and it should be. Our future is in the hands of our youth. As a country

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