School Uniforms

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School Uniforms are a Waste About one in five public schools in the US are requiring students to wear a uniform (Flam). Children at these schools are all forced to wear the same bleak clothing as everyone else, day after day. They have little outlet for self expression which often makes students feel worse about themselves or resort to unsafe behaviors as a method of showing their personality. Advocates claim school uniforms might help kids feel a sense of community and contribute to academic success. However, they curb children’s social development and do not benefit students as proponents argue.
Some people assert that uniforms are valuable in a school environment. For example, they put an emphasis on sameness throughout the students.
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Capital will eventually run out and students will be forced to buy their own uniforms. This would result in several students left wearing the same outfit multiple times a week which would draw criticism from other children and further expose poverty. Finally, uniforms are partially responsible for racism in communities. According to Dr. Derrick Campbell, an expert in Educational Leadership, “Mandatory uniform policies in public school are more commonly found in high-poverty areas.” On average, three and a half times more African Americans and Hispanics live inside high-poverty areas than outside them (Campbell). A large divide like this teaches adolescents that minority groups must wear uniforms while white children don’t. Uniforms impede on the development of children’s minds and opinions. In addition to interfering with social development, uniforms do not promote classroom productivity. In fact, a recent study from the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association indicates that more than six out of ten students don’t think wearing a uniform would make the school climate better (Johne). This is a common theme among students and experts alike. Moreover, the group Clifton Asserting Parental Rights, which stopped two tries to implement uniforms by the Clifton Board of Education, firmly believes that uniforms have little benefit. To back this up, “The
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