School Uniforms

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Isaiah Menuez
Professor Zheng
College Writing
24 September 2017
School Uniforms Should Be Used In Schools School uniforms should be utilized within schools. There are plenty of benefits, including they cost less than buying regular school clothes would, as well as drastically decreasing peer pressure and bullying in the student body. Uniforms give students a sense of respect and responsibility. They create the ability for students to succeed in areas without the hassle of what they’re wearing. School uniforms improve school spirit, and create a sense of community. The opposing argument(s) state that school uniforms should not be utilized because they overstep the students right to wear what they choose, are uncomfortable, and are can be a
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For example, “A national 2013 survey of 517 US school leaders found that 94% of those surveyed believe ‘one of the main benefits to parents is that school uniforms are more cost-effective than regular apparel,’ and 77% estimated the average annual cost of school uniforms per child to be $150 or less” (“School Uniforms”). The lower cost of the school uniform is a larger benefit. Instead of gruesome shopping with your child and spending a large amount as well, you can save yourself the time and purchase one simple uniform. Also, not having a variety of clothes makes mornings easier for the parents and children. There would be significantly less arguments over what the child should wear to school that day. School uniforms cause less stress, and save a parent’s money for other things. An article says about the validation of school uniforms: “With parents able to save money from not having to by everyday clothes for school, parents can afford and can choose to have their children wear fashionable and branded clothing on weekends. Not only that, as students wear uniform the entire weekdays, they might be able to appreciate their weekend clothes more” (“9 Serious Pros”).
Not only do school uniforms aid the parents financial status, it allows them to limit what they have to buy in regards to clothes on the weekends. This also creates a sense of appreciation in students for their nicer clothing. There is no obligation to buying new

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