School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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Imagine you wake up and left 5 minutes to head to school, and you need to dress up as everyone does differently at school. On that day, do you prefer wearing a uniform or missing class to be in a good-looking? When people go to a school that requires a school uniform, they will notice that nobody at a classroom likes school uniforms since fashion has become a vital part of student life. However, who wants to hear alarm sound that goes off at 6.p.m to dress up, and who wants to get out of warm bed in order be dressed nicely. Luckily, I was a student who had to wear a uniform and thinks that one hour more of sleep is worth more to me than having a pretty outfit. Therefore, even though some people believe that students should not have to wear a uniform at a school, as a lucky student, I am the one who supports uniform. First of all, many people who oppose school uniform claim that wearing a uniform does not allow for students to demonstrate their individuals. However, students have an opportunity to show their initiative in a better way. For example, attending a club or being on the sports team is a better way to demonstrate their individuals than wearing clothes. Because wearing a school uniform creates a sense of equality and uniforms alleviate bullying. People all are aware that we are not living in a world that is equivalent to everyone. Therefore, at any school, there are children from families that are rich and poor. According to Meredith Gadoury in “Uniforms,”

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