School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

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Take a moment to put yourself in the position of an adolescent who has felt like an outsider from their own school. Weather it be because they don't have name brand clothes or don't have the latest on trend shoes. In a school where everyone wears the same thing will be a much safer and easier place for everyone in general. This is where school uniforms come in and give multiple solutions to both teens and their parents.

School uniforms, you either hate them or love them. However, what really is the purpose of school uniforms? This has always been a very controversial topic because many people believe it is beneficial, where on the other hand, they think the complete opposite.

Most jobs now require you to wear a certain uniform whether it be professional attire or business casual. Marsha Boutelle, Uniforms: Are They A Good Fit?, “Wearing uniforms is promoting job skills at a young age, we learn to dress properly for work, church, play, etc. Whenever we are lucky enough to have a student wear his uniform with a sportcoat or blazer, we tell him that he is looking like an adult going to work (3).” The benefit of having young teens wear uniforms will allow them to be prepared for the future. The habit of having them take care and properly wear a uniform will give them job skills when their job requires a specific uniform. Not only will this benefit in the job industry, but also in daily life because it will help them dress properly for different occasions.

Dressing properly is not only the proper things to do, but also it can lead to greater things. For example, the way you dress to a job interview is key to getting the job, because it will tell the person hiring you how organized or serious you want the job. Also, it can gain you respect, because if you dressed in an inappropriate way for an occasion such as church some people could see that as a disrespect whereas if you dressed appropriate people will see that respect you have for the church.

The solutions school uniforms offer not only help in the teens life for future but also their safety and education. There has always been the problem of gang-related issues in school. Gangs identified their groups with either hats, logos, or even colors and with school

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