School Uniforms Persuasive Speech

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Hello everyone, my name is Hailey. Did you know that 23% of all public and private schools require students to wear school uniforms? And have you ever seen a lot of places or companies with employees wearing uniforms and wonder what is that uniforms for? Yes, it is for equality and the purpose of showing the company’s spirit, just the same as students wearing uniforms to school. There are rarely opinions about wearing uniforms at work but when it comes to uniforms in schools, it becomes more controversial. School has become more about fashion rather than education, and students have become more self-conscious than being worried about their marks. Considering both the advantages and disadvantages of the act, as a student who used to wear uniform, I think school uniforms are a good thing!

Spoken Link/Transition: I have a story to tell which shows experiences in wearing school uniforms.

Emotion/Story: In my country – Vietnam, every public schools require uniforms while private schools are not. When I was in high school, a public school, I had a friend, Jamie, whose smaller sister studied in a private school. Her sister went to school every day without uniforms and their mom had to spend 30 minutes every morning, helping her sister choose clothes while Jamie always get ready within 10 minutes all by herself. Jamie once told me, her sister was isolated by friends at school, most of the time it was because her sister did not have beautiful clothes and dresses as her friends have. Jamie had to appease her little sister every night when her sister got bullied. After so many times, her sister started to ask mom for new clothes more often and her mom could not do anything because it was the best way for Jamie’s sister to make friends at school. As a result, Jamie’s little sister was so obsessed with shopping, she would rather spend time choosing clothes than doing homework and everything get worse. Finally, their mom had to send Jamie’s sister to our public school to solve the problem.

Spoken Link/Transition: The story I just have told might help you realize the reality of schools nowadays. And the reason I am here is to argue that uniforms are very beneficial to our students.

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a) The
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