School Uniforms Pros And Cons

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“Can I wear this? I wore this last week, do you think anyone will notice? I have no clean clothes to wear? All these lines you might of said to yourself when you picked out your outfit today. Here at Bucks, we do not have many dress codes to follow, but did anyone here have to follow a dress code, or wear a uniform in high school or grade school? Well here is an example where a teenager was sent home twice for what she wore to school for dress code. According to the article from NYTimes, her modest crewneck top wasn't the right cut. If you look at it, there really is nothing wrong with it. Its not revealing, or have any wrong writing on it. There is more pros than cons when people have to wear uniforms. “Making uniforms mandatory at school can stop bullying, save money and time, and improve grades and concentration.” In todays society, outfit repeating can seem like a sin to some people, especially middle schools who will take the chance to judge anyone or anything. In schools where the students can chose what to wear everyday, some do not have that chance. Poor families will save their money, and use it on more important things like food, rather than clothes. This results in students wearing the same outfit everyday, or sometimes cheap clothing. It seems everyone avoids them, and classifies them as dirty, or strange without even understanding the situation. When uniforms are in place, it is completely normal, actually required to wear the same thing everyday. There is no bullying or judging on that or on what student wheres what brand because it is all the same. According to ProCons article, School Uniforms, A survey by the National Associates Elementary School Principles, 68% said uniforms reduce bullying. When students are all dressed alike, competition between students over they're clothing choices, and teasing of less expensive, or less fashionable outfits are lessened. While bullying may not always the case, saving money and time is another perk of making uniforms mandatory. Waking up early for school is hard enough, but the thought of having to put together an outfit at 8am makes it much harder. Imagine waking up and knowing exactly what to wear, a uniform. They save time, and you can hit the snore

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