School Uniforms Pros And Cons

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The issue of mandatory school uniform policies has been a highly debated topic for many years. Many school administrators believe that school-issued uniforms play a positive role in the student’s academic career. Research shows that the positive impacts school uniforms have on students far outweigh the negatives. In order to improve the American school system, the United States should adopt British policy, making school uniforms mandatory in all public schools. Walmsley (2011) specifies the four main reasons many schools mandate school uniforms: “1) enhanced school safety, 2) improved learning climate, 3) higher self esteem for students, and 4) less stress on the family” (p. 63). By issuing school uniforms, students are less distracted by the clothing their peers wear, and more focused on their school work (Walmsley, 2011). In Great Britain, the public school system has created a culture where school administrators expect students to dress professionally in mandatory school uniforms. Because of this, students walk the hallways in an organized manner. Students act polite, respectful, and courteous. The students have a sense of order, structure, and belonging. Much like in the American public school system, there exists a broad range within the student body in terms of academic abilities and economic backgrounds. However, one thing all British students have in common and that they have respect for their teachers, the school they attend, their classmates, and for themselves.

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