School Uniforms : Restrictive Or Resourceful?

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Robert G. Knight
Mrs. Andrea Glenn
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29 November 2015
School Uniforms: Restrictive or Resourceful? Much controversy has surrounded the issue of school uniforms. Many feel as though uniformity in dress increases discipline and order within the school, while others feel that this uniformity is restrictive of creativity. However, some students’ version of creativity in clothing is just simply inappropriate for school attire. The growing trend toward provocative clothing is a big concern of many school administrators and teachers today. They feel that revealing clothing can be distractive and interfere with learning, especially in a setting where the population is driven largely by hormones. There are two logical solutions for
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It could also be presumed that very poor children would be ecstatic to get to wear something other than the very cheapest clothing for the first time in their lives. As Emilee Sennebogen said in an article on How Stuff Works, “A North Dakota State University study from 2010 found that the average American household spends about 3.8 percent of their income on clothing. The Census Bureau states that the average household income is about $50,000 per year, so that means roughly $2,000 per year, per household” (Seenebogen). Granted that this data does include all members of the average family, not just kids, it is still important to keep in mind that the average household size is smaller than it used to be. An article published in The Orange County Register says that “the household is shrinking as families have fewer children” (Size). So, on average, the cost of clothing per year for one student will be a substantial amount more than $239. Ponder, for a moment, how expensive the trendy clothing is in today’s age. These trends are also very subject to change, which can result in students re-defining their wardrobes all throughout the school year. Also, consider how fast high school and junior high aged kids can grow. An unexpected growth spirt can lead to spending money on new clothes yet again. In addition, most kids today aren’t satisfied with cheap Wal-Mart brand clothing. Kids

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