School Uniforms Should Be A Basic Component Of Every School System

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As I talk with my daughter whose school utilizes a school uniform policy and I observe other families whose children are not required to wear school uniforms, along with the research I have completed I have come to the conclusion, school uniforms are beneficial and vital to the success of our Public School District. I am not totally against children wearing regular clothes; however, I recognize that there are more advantages of having students wearing school uniforms. Uniforms allow students to focus more on their studies and they create a cultural equal environment which is more beneficial in the long term. Uniforms are an essential and should be a basic component of every school system. School uniforms have scientifically proven…show more content…
With school uniform policy students will remain focused more on daily academic discussions rather than their self appearance. The school educators will spend less time addressing dress code violations and will be able to focus more on academics. As for rules, uniform codes are clear and specific. There will be no misunderstanding what is acceptable dress. School uniform implementation can lead to the parents ' satisfaction at home and school. For parents or a single parent who must work full time to support their family, time management is essential for survival of a school year. The parent wakes up extra early to get ready for work and completes their morning routine of showering, brushing teeth, changing clothes, preparing breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the entire family, waking up the kids and checking emails, while putting in a load of laundry. The last thing parents would not want, is to have a morning battle over what their child will wear to school. Having uniform codes reduces morning stress, eliminates hassles and saves time in the morning while preparing for school. With school uniforms, students know exactly what to wear and what not to wear. There is no peer pressure to wear expensive clothes. The cost of buying uniforms should not amount to more than $250.00
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