School Uniforms Should Be A Basic Component Of Every School System

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As I talk with my daughter whose school utilizes a school uniform policy and I observe other families whose children are not required to wear school uniforms, along with the research I have completed I have come to the conclusion, school uniforms are beneficial and vital to the success of our Public School District. I am not totally against children wearing regular clothes; however, I recognize that there are more advantages of having students wearing school uniforms. Uniforms allow students to focus more on their studies and they create a cultural equal environment which is more beneficial in the long term. Uniforms are an essential and should be a basic component of every school system. School uniforms have scientifically proven benefits to schools and students. For instance, as children and teenagers mature, they begin to form their self identities (Erik Erikson and Self-Identity). For them, the desired to impress others, including peers is very significant. They need to purchase specific designer, brand name or an emerging trend of clothing to achieve the support of other peers (Prendergast & Wong, 2003) as they try to“fit in” with the right clothing choices.. Likewise, having a school uniform policy in place in the school district will help minimize status groups between students. By removing the options for different types of clothing it reduces the non-academic distractions inside the class. It is noted, that students who attend schools that do not require
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