School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory

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School Uniforms should be required in school to help eliminate the amount of bulling, help increase unity, and lower the cost. In fact “many schools have adopted school uniform policies as a solution to these problems(Forster 2). During the time I was in school I always thought uniforms would be terrible. I thought I will not be able to express my style, and the day would just be boring. Now that I have graduated I believe uniforms would be a great thing to have, and be enforced in schools. When we walk into schools today we look around and think, what are they wearing, or how are they able to get away with something that shows so much skin. Students in todays world have no self respect. Also there are students who are not as fortunate as others. If uniforms were enforced in all schools bullying would be cut back a lot. Students would not be picked on because their cloths are not in style. Like the article says “ Some schools, most of which are located in low-income neighborhoods, have sought to improve discipline through dress-code policy or the adoption of school uniforms”(Happel). Also if there is a lot of gangs in that county students would not be able to identify who is in what gang. School shooting have became more of a issue within the past year. Uniforms would help students and staff be able to pick out intruders in the school. Being able to pick out intruders would help decrease the amount of violence going on. Unity is not something we see going on much in
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