School Uniforms Should Be Required For Their Freedom Of Expression

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School uniforms were first introduced in England, in the 16th century. In the beginning it was only for charity purposes, but clothing started to have a different meaning throughout the centuries. The early purposes of wearing school uniforms were not much different than that of today’s. Same clothing can represent togetherness and may also help students no to get distracted. This research paper will take a closer look at why schools should mandate such a policy, supported by details and statistics from different sources. The majority of school students believe uniforms will restrain their freedom of expression. However, all elementary schools in different nations should make it mandatory for their students to wear school uniforms.…show more content…
There are many positives to this idea. It is said to increase academic and discipline and even safety within the schools. Uniforms can decrease social competition and bullying, and also can make getting ready easier. In Hungary for instance, there is only a few schools that require their students to wear uniforms, thus representing them as the same. However, most all the schools require some sort of a dress-code regulation. For instance, at the American International School of Budapest (AISB), an ‘indirect’ policy was introduced: “Although AISB does not have a school uniform, appropriate school dress is important to the atmosphere of the school. We expect that clothing worn to school is comfortable, neat, clean, safe and appropriate to the season. In particular it must be appropriate for the school setting.” (AISB, 11) The schools states its dress-code regulations in a guideline (handbook). Most of these regulations state that “clothing should not be overly tight, overly baggy or revealing. Shirts and tops should cover the student 's underwear and belly button. Hats may not be worn inside the building. No clothing may be worn that exhibits inappropriate language or logos (violent, sexist, racist). Hanging straps and chains are unsafe and should not be part of, or attached to, clothing worn to
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