School Uniforms: Should Everyone Look Like Clones? Essay

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Are school uniforms good or bad? This is an issue that has been going on for years. There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say having a school uniform helps to prevent violence and others say it prevents originality. Some also say it’ll help lower or rise the cost for parents. A common argument today is whether or not uniforms should be enforced in the public school system. One main reason public schools have uniforms / dress code is because in 1996, President Clinton allowed the school uniform movement and said, “If it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms.” This gave schools the power to control the…show more content…
Now imagine, at least seven outfits for three children. The National Retail Federation estimates, “People will spend $14.5 billion on back-to-school clothing and shoes this year.” Private schools that require uniforms are just a little bit more expensive than public schools. Private schools have tuition and special made uniforms you have to buy. Schools claim that school uniforms are less expensive for parents. However, school uniforms generally mean an additional cost for parents, who now have to purchase different types of clothing for their children to wear in and out of school. Some families cannot afford multiple uniforms, plus the clothes that students wear outside of school. Unlike the students who can afford three, four, or five uniforms, the poorer students’ one uniform will look worn out and used by the end of the first semester compared to everyone else. Additionally, since uniforms involve specific requirements, parents may not be able to find uniform options in discount or thrift stores as they would if their children had freedom to choose their wardrobes. It will still be easier to pick out the
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