School Uniforms Should Not Be A Requirement For School

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Uniforms: Should they be a Requirement for School While in a perfect world many educators say that school uniforms are an asset but I have to say school uniforms are detrimental to the students. School uniforms are a financial hardship on low-income families, make students a target for bullying, infringe on a students’ freedom of expression rights and they teach students a negative lesson about conformity. Show the opposing side of mandatory school uniforms it will be shown that the uniform cost is a financial hardship on low-income families. In the article, “Should school uniforms be mandated in elementary schools?”, “Low-Income families have to decide whether or not to pay their utilities, rent, or other necessities to ensure that their child has the uniform(s) that he/she needed.” (King, 1998) Low-income families are treated poorly when it comes all aspects of life at some point. The low-income students are often teased because they are too poor to afford the required uniforms and some students are staying away from school to keep from being penalized for not being able to afford to wear uniforms. “A lot of students are suspended or sent to ISS when they do not wear the required uniform to school when this happens the student loses more valuable class time due to dress code violations.” (2015) (paraphrased) Additionally, uniforms make students a target for bullying. When students are walking to class or home other students, which come from schools where the
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