School Uniforms Should Not Be Allowed To Wear School Uniform

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The obnoxious ringing of the alarm had been going on far too long when, suddenly, Lindsey jolts out of bed after realizing she has already hit snooze three times. Lindsey now has to find a way to be ready for school in five minutes with no outfit pre-planned; she will have to make the sacrifice of wearing sweatpants just to have time to eat breakfast! Students all over the world have the freedom to decide what they will wear to school each day, but is the freedom really worth having to put thought in to what you will wear each day, having to abide by a stricter dress code, risking judgement upon yourself, and spending a greater amount of money on clothing each year? As a student who has been required to wear a uniform throughout thirteen years of school, I have grown an appreciation for them. Uniforms should not be as ridiculed as they are, as they are actually a positive, manageable choice of clothing that all students should want to wear to school each day! To begin with, students who want to look more presentable than wearing sweatpants or pajamas every day have to take time to pick out what they will wear each day to school, they never get a break, they have to wear something! Students who are not required to wear a uniform have to waste time and energy that could be spent not worrying about the clothes they will wear to school. The time and worry saved by not having to strategically pick outfits every week can be implemented in having a balanced breakfast, gaining time

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