School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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Schools with Uniforms Should students have to wear school uniforms? Schools are always debating whether or not schools should enforce students to wear uniforms, or if it should not be necessary for students to wear uniforms. There are many reasons on why wearing uniforms in school is an amazing idea. For example, when students go on field trips during a regular school day, they are required to use uniforms. This allows students to be located, so that a teacher, or any adult designated to watch over the students, can locate all students easily with the help of the student’s attire, because it will individualize the student from the surrounding people in the location of the field trip. It can enforce a positive attitude, teaches discipline, improves attendance and helps the student’s parents with economics problems. However, some of the disadvantages on why wearing school uniforms are that it violates a student’s right to freedom of expression, as well as it sometimes causes problems within families economically. It is difficult to enforce in public schools, and over time it can get very uncomfortable for a child to use for many six hours a day, daily for five days out of the week. School districts have the ability to choose whether or not there should be a uniform policy enforced or any form of dress code in the school. One of the many advantages of having a uniform policy is that it teaches the students discipline. Teaching students to wear uniforms will prepare the

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