School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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School uniforms began in the sixteenth century. England was the first to use school uniforms. The uniforms were for the poor children attending charity schools to distinguish them from the other students. Three hundred years later, better English schools were making the students wear school uniforms. The controversy for school uniforms in American schools began in the nineteen eighties (“History”, n.d.). Although school uniforms were found in private schools, in nineteen eighty seven the first public school adopted school uniforms, Cherry Hill Elementary in Baltimore, MD. In nineteen ninety four, the Long Beach Unified School District in California was the first urban district to adopt school uniforms (n.d., Education).
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School uniforms won’t stop the students from bullying another student. They will just find another way to bully the student. Tony Volk, an associate professor and Brock University researcher, says there is no evidence in bullying literature that supports a reduction in violence due to school uniforms. The students can still be bullied verbally, physically, and emotionally. The students can still be bullied for their height, weight, race, and age. It doesn’t matter what the students are wearing; they can still be bullied. The uniforms won’t stop the gangs in schools from being violent, so school uniforms won’t stop the violence in the schools. The uniforms can be bought in baggy styles just like jeans, so the gangs could still bring weapons and harmful objects to school and perform violent crimes even with uniforms (Wilkins, 1999, Pg. 20). With the uniforms, the gang members would not be able to recognize each other for six hours, but it won’t do anything about the gang violence in a wide sense (Wilkins, 1999, Pg. 20). There will be even more bullying due to the children getting used to less diversity (Wilkins, 1999, Pg. 21).
Not only will the violence go down with school uniforms, but the student’s attendance will go up as well. Long Beach district had a record of ninety five percent of attendance in the first year of the uniforms (Schachter, 2005). The students will
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