School Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory

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School systems have debated for years if they should make school uniforms mandatory for all students. Some parents do not want school systems to mandate uniforms due to pressure from their children to be able to maintain their individuality through clothing, while other parents prefer uniforms to reduce spending money on name brand school clothes and to minimize associations with gangs. More school systems across the United States of America are going to uniforms from grades one through twelve where students are still impressionable by their peers. I believe public schools should require students to wear school uniforms to help parents save money in these hard economic times, to limit the number of incidents of violence in the school systems due to gangs and gang associates such as colors, and to prepare students for the job force after school where some places make it mandatory to wear uniforms to work every day. As a result of the current recession everyone could use assistance with saving money. School systems are helping out a lot by switching to school uniforms which are helping parents save money by not having to buy expensive name brand clothing for school. Famous name brand labels such as Oakley, Nike, Abercrombie and Fitch, Guess and Lacoste cost on an average of $120 retail price per outfit which can be costly for parents with multiple children. Buying uniform attire could save hundreds of dollars for household expenses and savings which would help families. My
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