School Uniforms Should Not Solve All Problems Within A School System

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School uniforms are school approved wardrobes that dictate what students wear to school. In today’s society, school systems’ deciding to implement uniforms has become a controversial issue among students, parents, and teachers. The use of uniforms by a school system is often an effort in branding and developing a unified image, but also has substantial effects on the students that are wearing uniforms. Some people believe that clothing is an expression of a person, while others believe that clothing can be a distraction. Implementing school uniforms has a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but school uniforms do not solve all problems within a school system. In the 16th century, the first modern school uniform appeared in England at Christ’s Hospital Boarding School. Underprivileged children who attended the school wore uniforms. The uniforms the children wore consisted of blue cloaks with yellow stockings. By the 19th century, English public schools adopted school uniforms. School uniforms were well known across Europe, but other countries, such as the United States, avoided uniforms until the late 1980’s (Schools). Private schools, predominantly Catholic, already wore uniforms. The first school uniform, that made landfall in the United States, was in Baltimore, Maryland at Cherry Hill Elementary School. The reason the school enforced uniforms was because a student was injured during a fight over a pair of $95 sunglasses. By 1988, 39 public elementary and junior…
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