School Uniforms Should Not Solve All Problems Within A School System

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School uniforms are school approved wardrobes that dictate what students wear to school. In today’s society, school systems’ deciding to implement uniforms has become a controversial issue among students, parents, and teachers. The use of uniforms by a school system is often an effort in branding and developing a unified image, but also has substantial effects on the students that are wearing uniforms. Some people believe that clothing is an expression of a person, while others believe that clothing can be a distraction. Implementing school uniforms has a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but school uniforms do not solve all problems within a school system. In the 16th century, the first modern school uniform appeared in England…show more content…
Former president, Bill Clinton, was an advocate for schools adopting uniforms. He spoke about school uniforms in several of his speeches during his presidency ( With Bill Clinton’s support, the word about school uniforms spread quickly across America. The first school district to have mandatory uniforms was the Long Beach Unified School District in 1994 ( Uniforms are popular in large cities across America. Across the country, 23% of schools enforce mandatory uniforms (Pros). Mandatory uniforms are common in places like Boston, Miami, Chicago, and New Orleans; 65% of public schools in Boston; 60% in Miami; 80% in Chicago; and 95% in New Orleans. Twenty-one states have required uniforms in effect. Uniforms are also popular in other parts of the world. School uniforms are very common in Japan and England. In Japan, most public school students wear uniforms. Boys usually black pants and jacket with gold buttons down the front and a white shirt inside. Girls usually wear a“kon” (a kind of dark blue) or gray skirt, with either a sailor top or a white shirt and matching vest (PBS). In England young children that attend public school wear gray or black pants, shorts or skirts; white shirts; a school tie; a jacket with their school logo on it; and black shoes (Woodlands). Many people believe that school uniforms are beneficial to students. One main reason why people agree that students should wear
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