School Uniforms Should Not Wear Uniforms

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Should schools make students wear uniforms? In California, many schools are trying to decide what is best for their schools. In Adelanto, there could be reasons for schools to consider uniforms. At Columbia Middle School, this could be a controversial topic. Students should consider the pros and cons to wearing uniforms before forming an opinion. There are some pros to wearing uniforms that other people may not see. One pro is that families save money. There are some special programs to help families buy the uniforms. These special programs help parents that actually need the help because they are not doing financially well. These programs can also help parents that would just like to save money because they could spend that saved…show more content…
Students also can’t decorate their items because of the strict dress code. Confidence is also very hard to achieve. Confidence is hard to achieve when everyone is dressed alike. How can you find confidence in yourself if you look like the person right next to you? Without confidence in school students become less social. When students are less social they may become depressed. Uniforms make students stressed. Students have to worry about uniform in fragments and could possibly get sent home for not following the dress code. Students have to worry about having shirt tucked in and keeping everything according to dress code. While students have to worry about uniform in fragments they also have to worry about important tests. These important could determine their future. I don't think that uniforms should be mandatory in schools. Without uniforms students can get sent home. Uniforms are too expensive. The programs that are suppose to help parents may not help them a lot. Some students may not even be able to go to school because they can’t afford the uniforms. Students can get sent home or get in big big trouble for having a uniform in fragment. Uniforms make student fell to mature for their age. Kids still have to be kids. Kids have to worry about not getting their uniforms dirty when they go out to play. Kids need to have at least a little
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