School Uniforms Should Reduce Their Financial Burden

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Uniforms have a been a huge demand in the United States for the past decades. Implementing uniforms will minimize distractions among the students, lessen social trends, improve academic performance and diminish bullying. Most importantly uniforms lower gang affiliations and parents can reduce their financial burden. “Uniforms are a daily reminder that school is first and foremost a hallowed house of learning” (Warren 2011, pg. 25). Mandating school uniforms enriches students’ performance academically and psychologically. School Institutions are the cultivation to a much greater and more developed foundation program that make schools teaching a much more valuable education. The United States once ranked top best in the education system…show more content…
In fact, this helped protect schools from parents and students who opposed to the use of uniforms in schools. Therefore, made a huge impact in the Arizona community of uniform policy and school districts. Certain issues that has been developed throughout the years is that minorities start to prefer things over others. For instance, students reached a certain point in their lives where they believe keeping up with the latest fashion trends will maintain them socially popular. Teens want to “fit in” with the rest of their classmates and at times can take the trends too seriously. Believe it or not, clothes are a huge distraction to students and it disrupts their academic learning. Changing the dress code policy to uniforms only, changes student’s behavior and diminishes the fashion trends among them. “Students should be learning, rather than being distracted by ‘fashion wars’” (McVeigh 2005, pg. 357). Students go to school specifically to increase their potential academic knowledge, therefore having distractions in school, can cause them to get off track. Every morning, students have to wake up and decide what to show off to the world. They must choose an outfit, where it’s not out of trend, maintains the fashion guidelines, and good enough to impress their group of friends. At this point, a teen’s main focus is “dress to impress”, but not to arrive on time to class. Most likely, missing an important assignment, announcement, or
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