School Uniforms, Stay Or Leave?

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School Uniforms, Stay or Leave?
Having school uniforms or "dress codes", has both positives and negatives. Some people would like to believe that they help and play a role in students academic performance and behavior at school. However, others counter that, with it does not help, it only creates a bigger problem by enforcing the rules of a school dress code. According to "School Uniforms: An Overview", the definition of dress code means, "rules designed by school districts or individual schools to prescribe students ' attire" (Chittom). Although, school uniforms may help with discipline, attendance, and academic performance, it can also diminish their freedom of expression. Which conversely affects the student 's’ self esteem and affects the parents when they do not have money to buy uniforms.
The reason why school administrators and parents want school uniforms is that, they believe that the uniforms will reduce the bad behavior, increase academic performance, and in some states cut down on their gang problems. They could even help with safety issues. Jack Murtha states that studies do show that making students wear uniforms have helped raise graduation rates, lower gang related problems, and minimize the bullying problems. Parents want the uniforms for the reason that it will help keep their children safe. Making children wear uniforms makes it easier for police to identify the students, and younger children are not affected by offensive clothing worn by older high…

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