School Uniforms The New Change Of The World

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School Uniforms the New Change of the World

In society today there are a vast amount of media outlets that give school aged kids, especially teenagers the impression that they must be the most popular; and up to date kid amongst their peers. With that being said, teenagers tend to feel that they need to express themselves anyway possible to stay relevant and get a better chance at the hierarchy of popularity that is almost always a necessity when it comes to your peers and acceptance in schools. What Better way to do that then at school with their appearance. With the growing trend of technology, and the commonly used word “Selfie” it is almost next to near impossible for a teen not to take a picture showcasing
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But a majority of people disagree, and insist on making those necessary changes effective immediately this putting discipline back in the control of all parents, faculty, and administrators; to which it should be focusing on implementing those school uniforms.

While not everyone agrees at making school uniforms mandatory, it’s a way to keep the discipline within the school system. Although, it seems many parents do not care what their child wears to school; school staff members feel its need to keep them from constantly reminding student of the dress code on a daily basis. However, some parents feel that this is something that need to be reconsidered by all, for it’s the right thing to do; to keep discipline alive in the schools everywhere. Students today come to school wearing things that should only be worn in the privacy of their homes, but feel it’s also acceptable for school; things like torn clothing, short shorts, revealing blouses; or pants to the knees for the guys. Really, what happened to respect and dignity; or did that fly out the window long ago. Apparently, because parents are afraid to voice their opinions to their child; and lets them take control over their word. Parents seem to close their eyes to reality, and feel it’s the child’s right to wear what they like to school. Have they even taken the time, to pay close attention to what their child is
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