School Uniforms The New Change Of The World

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School Uniforms the New Change of the World

In society today there are a vast amount of media outlets that give school aged kids, especially teenagers the impression that they must be the most popular; and up to date kid amongst their peers. With that being said, teenagers tend to feel that they need to express themselves anyway possible to stay relevant and get a better chance at the hierarchy of popularity that is almost always a necessity when it comes to your peers and acceptance in schools. What Better way to do that then at school with their appearance. With the growing trend of technology, and the commonly used word “Selfie” it is almost next to near impossible for a teen not to take a picture showcasing their newest outfit, shoes; or make-up. How will any of this be possible if school uniforms were worn? School uniforms will bring about discipline within the school, decrease peer pressure, and provide financial options to low income families that may be unable to provide name brand clothing for their child to wear. However, over the past few years, many people have voiced their opinions on whether or not school uniforms should be a requirement in public schools. “This is because many school administrators, faculty, and some parents feel this is needed to put a stop to violence, improving discipline, resistance of peer pressure; while giving them back the sense of belonging” (Wilde, 1998, pg. 100). Others however, disagree and feel this is…
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