School Uniforms : Unformity And Individuality

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Uniforms Uniforms are expensive and are a violation of human rights, even though it’s professional and sober clothing, they don’t allow students to express who they are, people say it prevents bullying but bullying can happen without uniform. School uniform promotes conformity over individuality. They are difficult to enforce in public schools. It is more money to pay for uniforms and normal clothes outside of school. There really isn’t a uniform in real life like working if you work as a janitor at a school it doesn’t matter what you wear it matters that you get the job done. To begin with, the clearest point about anti-uniforms is that they don’t allow self-expression. We live in a world that is full of special aspects that make our…show more content…
Uniform doesn’t allow self expression, which makes it harder to enforce in public schools. Uniforms are harder to enforce in public schools because it’s also too expensive to pay for. “Most public schools with uniform policies are in poor neighborhoods” This means that the people in these neighborhoods couldn’t afford to buy their kids the uniform and their school supplies at the beginning of the school year. They are used to wearing what they want to wear or what they find in their closets. “According to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Office of Education Evaluation and Management, fights in middle schools nearly doubled within one year of introducing mandatory uniforms.” It leads to more trouble because they most likely don’t like to wear that kind of clothing. Some people may think that uniform is professional and sober clothing, it’s expensive to buy things that go by the dress code. Also, children are not able to express who they really are, and can still get bullied. People may also think that it shows that the school has the kids in line and they behave properly. While this may be true, it just locks the kids inside their bodies not letting them out. The school is showing people what they want them to see, not what the students want them to. Imagine you walk into a school and see that all the kids have their shirts tucked in and the are

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