School Vaccination Case Study

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It can be seen from a scientific database that 26 percent of students in today’s society are not receiving vital vaccines that can furthermore, protect the school community. It is crucial for the youth to take these vaccines because it furthermore pushes the eradication of whopping cough, measles, chicken pox and poliomyelitis. Immunity against these diseases helps the future generation stop suffering the immense pain and suffrage that our ancestors endured before immunisation against these diseases where discovered and distributed. The consequence to the health of a community in regards to not choosing to immunise their children will put other children, adults in danger of contracting the possible mutated gene strand of the disease (, 2014). As a basic human right it is considered that individuals in the community have chosen not to immunise themselves in either moral…show more content…
The possible implementation of a policy plan for households that do not allow (are against) vaccinations that can further protect the greater community from potential outbreaks should be pushed forward. As of April 2015, Prime Minter Tony Abbott, announced the ‘no jab, no pay’ plan. This consists of the 39,000 children under the age of seven, as of 2015 that have not been immunised. Under the plan, households that refuse to immunise their child will loose up to $205 a week on childcare benefits, $7500 on childcare rebates per year and $726 from the Family Tax Benefit A per year (, 2015). Exemptions are given to those who are deemed under Religion and strong Beliefs against immunisation. Scientists conclude that the vaccines are safe and the “objection to immunisation endangers the community by lowering so-called herd immunity to diseases.” (,
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