School Violence Among Young People Essay

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School violence among young people in society is increasing dramatically. Beginning in 1989, there had been an increase in school violence, ranging from verbal harassment, threats of harm, and violent crime (Aspa1). Overall national violent crime rates dropped after 1993 and continued at lower levels into the twenty-first century. Public concern about school violence rose significantly as school shootings dominated the media’s attention and many of them left scars in our nation (Juvonen1). Schools are actually taking a variety of measures to improve the safety of schools (Juvonen1). My purpose for writing this paper is because school violence happens a lot in the United States. School violence occurs in children who have mental, social, and family issues. Often times, students who are involved in school violence have mental issues. One major issue is depression. Depression can arise from a combination of genetic vulnerability, suboptimal early developmental experiences, and exposure to stresses (Sokolova1). Depression occurs in many children around the world. Some children suffer from depression because of divorce or other problems in their childhood. How children respond to different stressors is different depending on the child’s personality and situation (Sokolova1). Lack of sleep could also be a problem in violence. Parents may be
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