School Violence And Schools Violence

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School violence has become a topic that many people are engaged in a debate about. It is difficult to make a definitive definition of school violence, because there are so very many components to it. For one thing, we can be sure that school violence and bullying is something that only takes place amongst peers; this type of violence typically does not involve adults, and happens as a result of interactions from school or within the peer group. This part of the definition seems obvious. However, like some other forms of violence, there really is no concrete set of information that would allow us to distinctively define school violence as just one thing. One could define it in terms of violating private persons or property. Another could define school violence in terms of a simply violent act that takes place in school. Then, when the term bullying is brought into the equation, it complicates the definition even more, because the range of contexts which bullying is put into is so incredibly broad. One may consider teasing another student about the shirt they have on is bullying, while another person would say that bullying is only truly bullying when a physical altercation breaks out. A comprehensive definition may be one founded by the Center for Prevention of School Violence in North Carolina (2002): “school violence is any behavior that violates a school’s educational mission or climate of respect or jeopardizes the intent of the school to be free of aggression against

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