School Violence : Causes Of School Shootings

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School violence is the act that threatens and alters the school environment with harmful consequences on students and educators’ wellbeing and impact students in a negative way (Reininghaus, Castro, & Frisancho, 2013). It is obvious now than ever that we lives in a world where the safety and security of individuals are in question, especially that of school students where safety against school shootings remain everyone’s major concern. The terror of Virginia Tech mass murder in 2007 and Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 traumatized the nation. As of the time when Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took place, the massacre was considered the second-deadliest school shooting in the United States when Adam Lanza, a Twenty-year-old carried armory of hundreds of rounds of deadly ammo, that was enough to kill nearly every students in the school (Lee, 2013). Thus, the causes of this growing problem of school violence are: Bullying, psychiatric drugs and access to weapon.

Bullying is a huge cause of school violence, traditional school bulling can take place on school play ground, school bus or hall way while as a result of technological advancement, cyber bullying has become ‘borderless cancer’ that sometimes turn the school environment into killing zone. Both cyber and traditional bullying inflicts physical hurt and sometimes physiological suffering on one or more students. Therefore, according to Bartol & Bartol (2014) victims of persistence bullying are more
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