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INTRODUCTION Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim are some of the founding fathers in the Sociological discipline. Each developing the discipline in their respective area, contributed to the social science course becoming what it is today. Durkheim the man who coined the term social facts and some sociological theories on functionalism, division of labour in society, education and social solidarity, methodology, positivism and sociology, primitive classification, religion and suicide. Durkhiem believe that social facts should be considered as things in the same way as the objects and events of the natural world. Karl Marx is the person responsible forthe conflict perspective, also had some sociological theories on alienated labour, culture,…show more content…
Durkheim’s interested in a scientific approach to society manifested when he read Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer. While attending Ecole Normale Superierure he seems to loose interest and became unhappy there. He rebelled against the course study, which did not teach what he wanted to learn which are modern philosophical doctrines or the recent findings of the science. Later he traveled to Germany where he studied Sociology of a year and to Bordeaux in 1887, where France’s first teacher’s center was established. There he taught pedagogy and social science, and from this position, he reformed the French school system and introduced social science to the curriculum. In the 1890’s a period where his creativity shined when he published The Division of Labour in Society in 1893. He also published two other pieces of literature, Rules of the Sociological Method in 1895 that stated what is sociology and in 1897 he published Suicide. In World War 1 he actively supported his country and was reluctant in giving into simplistic nationalist passion (in combination with the fact that he was a Jew) made his a target for the ascendant French right. They accused him of being disloyal and favoring the German enemies. In 1816 Andre, Durkheim’s only son was killed on the Bulgarian front, which became a mental block Durkheim never was able to recover. He was emotionally overwhelmed and worn-out; he collapsed and died of a stroke on November 15, 1817. EMILE DURKHEIM

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