School Voucher Program Should Be Abolished

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I propose a school voucher program that would be widespread throughout the state of Connecticut with special consideration to the Hartford school district. Each student in the state will receive a voucher equivalent to 65 percent of the per-pupil cost of the public school in their district. The remaining 35 percent of spending would remain with the school to pay for fixed-costs (with a few exceptions). School who take in out of district would receive the money that follows the child. For example, a Ellington student would receive a voucher of about $4,982 (65 percent of per-pupil spending) and that child could spend that money on any participating public or non-religious private school in the state. Schools have the choice to participate in the program. However, if public schools choose not to participate then state funding will be reduced and reallocated to participating schools. However, a few school districts are exceptions. I recommend abolished traditional public schools in Hartford, East Hartford, Bloomfield, and Manchester. The current performance of students is unacceptable in those district that have high minority and poverty levels. You should close the public schools and instead allow private, magnet, and charter schools take control over the district. You should carefully select which schools are allowed in the district to ensure diversity in educational opportunities. Some schools should target students in specific categories like math, science, and the arts;

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