School Vs. Education Essay

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From the very beginning of a child’s life, he/she is taught how to learn. Some are taught to learn as much as they can, while others are taught to learn basically what they enjoy. Once school comes along each child differs as to how he/she go about their learning. I believe the way a student learns comes primarily from how they are raised and also the school they attend. In Russell Baker’s “School vs. Education,” he said, “From watching his parents, the child, in many cases, will already know how to smoke, how much soda to mix with whiskey, what kind of language to use when angry, and how to violate the speed laws without being caught.” (225) I grew up in a rural area with corn fields, or bean fields depending on the crop rotation for the year, where our teachers were most likely related to the students or even taught the students’ parents. Where I came from, it was acceptable to drive tractors to school and wear shorts with cowboy boots. Attending a small school, with a graduating class of thirty-eight, quite a few students from Mid-Buchanan High School care most about the sporting events. Although the students who played sports had to keep their grades up to be eligible to stay on the team, many were not retaining the information like they should to be academically successful. To have an effective education system, schools need to provide a wider range of curriculum courses, a better way to fund for textbooks, use of new technology, and also cut out the time made for…
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