School 's Out For The Night, And The Day Care Program

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It’s 3:30 pm; school’s out for the day, and the day care program begins watching children until their parents come to pick them up. All the elementary kids are free to roam on the outside jungle gyms to their hearts desire. On the playground, three young children are playing a game of tag. Each child, Timothy, Margret, and Rex, are squealing with laughter, having the time of their lives until it’s time for their parents to drive them home from school. The part time teacher 's assistant, at the age of 57, loves these children eternally but feels at a certain distance with Rex. He’s a good kid: quiet, obedient, bit of a class clown, but the assistant can’t help but pity the child. The three children see their respective minivans with their father’s at the wheel, and whine at the thought of leaving. The children bid their goodbyes to their friends, and run down the steps to check out with the teachers assistant. Timothy runs to his mother 's open arms, and gives her the biggest bear hug he could muster. Margaret runs as well, and clings to her mother’s left leg. As Rex runs to open arms of his two fathers, the teachers assistant shakes her head in disapproval. Of course, she supports the equality of marriage amongst all people, but she cannot understand the concept of two gays fathering a child. In her predictions, Rex will never understand what it’s like to have a maternal figure thus hindering his ability to live a fulfilling and happy life. Over the past decade, the LGBTQ…

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