School with Sophia

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Every morning, I'll be at school fifteen minutes earlier. Although I never skipped breakfast at home, however, I would spend a little time in the cafeteria for a cup of coffee while waiting for the class to begin. I became more relax watching other students, observing their behaviour and the scenes they make. In point of fact, I am trying to sort out the mystery behind the sms that I received. Every day, this person send me a message but just once a day and no specific time. Sometimes, I got it at home, sometimes at school. If at school, the person always hinting that it is observing me. Like it knows where I am, who I am with, what I am doing. This is actually a bit scary. Sitting in the cafeteria every morning, I began to observe one by one who is likely to be the face of the mystery person. A guy or a girl, I have no hint. I did ask a few classmate, but they don’t have the answer. Checking on their contact list, the number is not listed. Seri, the girl who used to like hanging out with me also has no answer for that. It could be anyone… the school is big and we have many classes, many divisions… I don’t even know some teachers. In fact I never noticed of Miss Rina either Miss Sophia existence, not before they happened to teach my class.

And also as a new routine, I do jog every afternoon. Since I dropped her the note, we do that. I feel healthier. The new routine set my mind…
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