Schooling In Schools : Children Experiencing Bullying In School

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Children Experiencing Bullying in School
Bullying during childhood is something everyone has witnessed or been a victim of a bully. Bullying is witnessed through mainstream media, social media, on television, in movies, and even in literature. Bullying is, according to Greene (2013), “the repeated, intentional aggression in a relationship, where there is an imbalance of power”. Also described as, “The methodical abuse of power characterized by repeated psychological and physical aggression with the intention to cause distress to another person (Scott, Dale, Russell, &Wolke, 2016). Unfortunately, bullying is an antiquated action with no official start date; however, bullying was not made a piece of systematic research, until the early 1970s (Olweus & Limber, 2010).
In recent years, bullying has been the catalyst for 41 state laws following the 1999 Columbine shooting, where two teens opened fire on their fellow students, after being victims of continuous bullying (Olweus et al., 2010). In current news, a ten year old girl hung herself after being bullied, getting in a fight with said bully, and the subsequent bullying she received after learning that the fight was recorded and posted onto a social media app (Fox News, 2017). Children and adolescents all over the world have similar problems and these situations, sadly, have similar outcomes.
The epidemic of bullying is prevalent in youth populations across ethnic groups, ages, and socioeconomic groups. According to
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