Schooling in the Outback

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Australia is split into different states and territories that have their own government. These territories include the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. This is important to note because each individual state government manages the schools within its territory (Immi.Gov). They provide both the regulations and funding to both the public and private schools, though the government only provides the public schooling and private schools are offered by Churches and other groups (Immi.Gov). Some of the biggest differences between our US School system and the Australian system is how the school operates on the inside. Most of the schools…show more content…
TAFE Institutes provide education such as construction and engineering and typically grant an advanced diploma (Working-In Individual TAFE institutions are operated and funded by the state government and are typically called Colleges or institutes, depending on the location of the institution. Students who enroll in such programs are required to pay full fees and are not entitled to the Commonwealth Program. The Commonwealth support program allows students to only pay part of the fees while the program pays the rest of the balance (Working-In After completing a VET or TAFE program, the now former students are allowed to enroll in Universities. Some choose to do so right after schooling, though some also choose to enroll at a much later date ( Australian Universities and Colleges offer a range of international educational courses, as containing some of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the world. This ends up making Australia a popular place for people to study abroad in (Working-In In an interview with John E. Taplin, a professor at The University of Adelaide, Taplin mentioned that “every university in Australia has a disabilities unit, which provides support for students with disabilities (Soilemetzidis 2, 12-20).” This shows that the universities are willing
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