Schools And Classrooms Are Those With Special Needs

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A1. One of the major diversity groups in this country in schools/classrooms are those with special needs. You are probably guaranteed to have at least two kids in your class that suffer from learning disabilities or disabilities in general. These students need special attention, from their curriculum to the treatment of their peers. Special education students are spending more time in the classroom, not just for educational purposes but for social purposes as well. Challenges that teachers face with these students is making sure that they are included in the classroom on a day to day basis, and that they are adjusting curriculum to suit the child’s needs. More times than not the child will get the same work as other students and it would be worked on either at the child’s pace and graded accordingly, or taken to their resource classrooms to work on it with their resource teachers. Challenges that special education students face are not being able to understand or keep up with the work in the classroom. They often feel separated from their peers or maybe even not being accepted by their peers. The challenges they face such as wheel chairs, crutches etc may keep them at a slower pace than the other students or get in the way when student are moving around the classroom. They often are not with their peers, but separated into smaller classes so they are not as socially excepted as other students. Another major group of students that are in a classroom are those of different
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