Schools Are Made Up From Various Members Of Staff

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Schools are made up from various members of staff who each have different roles and responsibilities these are as follows: • School governors.
Schools typically have a team of 10-12 people who act as their governors if the school is larger there could be more. The schools governors have the responsibility of ensuring that the school runs smoothly. The governing body is made up of at least one parent and one staff governor, a local authority governor appointed by the local authority, a local community governor who should work and/or live in the community that the school is situated in. These governors will work with the head teacher who also serves as a governor as well as a senior management team.
The main duties of governors is to adopt new policies for achieving the aims and objectives in which they have been in charge of setting. They must also set targets in order to ensure the aims and values have been meet.
The governors also have other responsibilities and duties which are managing the school budget, appointing staff, monitor the maintenance of buildings, health and safety, overseeing the curriculum, personnel issues and the community cohesion of the school. Governors meet in committees regarding different aspects of their responsibilities (finance committee, buildings committee)
The governors meet termly unless meetings are requested. Governors usually have a year group or classes that they visit and observe lessons in order to give the teachers feedback also to…
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