Schools Have A New Meaning On Sexism And Double Standards

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Schools have put a new meaning on sexism and double standards. An example of this is having double standards and sexism towards the dress codes. Students who have families well known or the student is well liked by the teachers, do not receive the same punishment for breaking the dress code as an ordinary student. This demonstrates that schools are not fair in setting rules for dress codes. Particular students are allowed to wear certain clothing, whereas other students are punished for wearing similar clothing. Schools have double standards as to what is appropriate and what appears to be revealing and how the following student should be punished. Maggie Sunseri produced a video that led to a change in her school 's dress code exemplifying why schools should be equal, unbiased, and unsexist when setting and enforcing the dress codes.
Schools have dress codes that are biased and gender specific towards women. For example, if a male student were to break dress code they would be told to fix the problem; however, a female student would have more serious consequences. Female students would have a call to parents for a change of clothing or would be sent home because administrators find this to be a distraction to the male students. School administrators do not see the effect the unjust, biased school dress codes have on the female students. The dress codes cause students to feel self-conscious, and Maggie Sunseri, a student from Woodford High, has been a victim of dress code
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